As a not for profit club, run by member parents, volunteer contributions are a vital aspect to the progress and success of our swimmers. There is a wide range of talents, skills and assistance you can give to continue the tradition of excellence of The Hamilton Aquatic Club. 

Many hands make lighter work!

Each family is asked to contribute by volunteering a certain amount during the year, depending on level of your swimmer. For many opportunities, any representative from your family is able to participate to help you earn volunteer points provided he/she is over the age of 14. 

There are many areas of opportunity, skills and experience that is needed to successfully run the club. Check out the many opportunities to help on the adjacent chart. Please e-mail Volunteer Coordinator Rob Blunsdon directly if you are interested in any of these opportunities.

Bond cheques will be cashed on May 31, 2017 if less than 50% of the participation requirement has been met. Any adjustments for participation done after May 31 will be handled before June 30th.  If a family has only partially completed their volunteer requirement there will be a pro-rated levy applied. Failure to show for an agreed upon session will result in a $60.00 assessment.

Volunteer Point Opportunities

Community Participation

Annual General Meeting

1 Point Per Family


1 Point Per Family

Data Entry

4 to 5 hours a month. 1 Pt. for  Orientation;1 Pt. per 3 hrs.

Leadership Roles

Equipment Manager

12 Points

Website Manager

12 Points

Meet Manager

12 Points Per Weekend

Novice Meet Manager

12 Points Per Season

Club Officials Coordinator

6  Points

Club Officials Administrator

6  Points

Board of Directors

3 Points

Team Rep

2 Points

Group Parent Rep


Club Photographer



20 Points for the Event

Meet Volunteering

More than one family representative may work any swim meet at the same time.  The area most critical to the success of our children is giving them the opportunity to compete in an official capacity. Without our volunteer meet officials this would not happen. It is also truly the best seat in the house!       


1 Point per session

Stroke and Turns

1 Point per session

Clerk of Course

1 Point per session


1 Point per session


2 Points per session

Chief Timer

1 Points per session

Chief Finish Judge

2 Points per session


3 Points per session

Senior Officials (Level 3 and Higher)

3 Points per session

Set Up and Tear Down

0.5 Point per session

Food Prep and Service

1 Point per session

Program Sales

0.5 Point per session


Swim Officials Clinic Day

1 Point per Family

Completion of Timer Clinic
and 2 Sign offs

1 Point

Completion of Stroke and Turn
and 2 Sign offs

2 Points

Level 2 Officials Achievement

3 Points

Level 3 Officials Achievement

4 Points 

Bulldog fundraiser

50/50 and a Chuck a Puck

The Hamilton Aquatic Club successfully ran the 50/50 and a Chuck-a-Puck contest at the Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey game on Wednesday January 4th, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

Thanks to everyone who made this night a fun, successful event!!