coachcarmen9278Dear HAC families:

I am very happy to update this section today. It is the end of November and so far our session has been simply astonishing!

WE kicked off October with Hall of Fame meet and had over 70 HAC athletes at Etobicoke producing over 55% personal bests, which was a very productive start. We came back to November competitions producing over 65% average personal BEST, along with many new regional qualifiers and our first festival qualifiers of the year. 

Our Novices also started really strong, hosting our first meet vs Brantford, having over 70 swimmers participating and showing lots of improvement this early in the season. 

Another first is coming up, December 8-9-10th, with our very own Steeltown. The meet is looking full, and we have a historic participation from HAC, with over 90 swimmers attending. We are thrilled of how the club continues to push forward and continues to grow at a perfect steady pace. 

Last but not least, our HAC banquet happened on October 28th, broke some records on ticket sales, and it's not stopping right there, it looks like we are going bigger next year!

Black and Gold traditional face off is on for this Saturday November 25th. More than 100 swimmers will be there showing some HAC spirit and we can't wait to see you all!

Let's finish this first phase of training and commitments, and we will be anxious to report more good news, along with sending you a holiday message before we take few days off to re-charge so that we are ready to come back in January.

Happy swimming you all!

HAC coaching staff.

Coaches quote to ponder

"After climbing one great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb" Nelson Mandela

Carmen's Message Archive

2016 - 2017

June   Mid June is here and that means our regular season is almost over. The team did a fantastic job at Regionals Long Course with tons of personal best, new festival times, many medals and a great 6th place overall as a team!.. What a weekend we had! Congratulations to all: swimmers, coaches and parents for the solid and unified job we all did during the past 10 months. We should all be proud of the team we are building together and know that we are just starting to show who can we become. We are still on early stages of this new program, however, this year was so much more stronger than last year, and if we continue to do what we are doing, it will soon be a culture that will make a difference in our community

Year end party is all ready to go: 191 members attending!! thats awesome! we will have so much fun and will get to enjoy a nice morning/afternoon getting to know more about each other and just have a good time.

It is also good to mention that our summer programs are getting FULL.. please do reach our club admin to get your child enroll as soon as possible! We want to start a new tradition during the summer and we certainly dont want you to miss out on this opportunity!

Festivals and provincials (and later CJC) will finalize this year, lets support our swimmers attending and keep MAKING NOISE ALL THE WAY TO THE END! GO HAC GO!

May 1: Happy May!!.. this month welcoming us with lots of rain so far! And the 9th month of this season is kicking off with our First Quebec trip ever!!.. 50 HAC swimmers are getting on a bus this Friday May 5th to travel to Sherbrooke!!!.. We are looking forward to see what that trip is going to bring to our team, which I am sure is going to be full of great experiences and fast swimming. We are thrilled to being able to present this type of opportunities to our athletes, so they continue to learn, have fun, and make the journey worth it. But thats not all! Our very last meet of the year will come right after Quebec, hosting Jack Mack from May 12-14th. Our meet is looking full and busy, and as we always say: "last one-best one". We are taking this opportunity to thank all our officials and volunteers for being there, helping out, making sure our meets run on time and efficiently, and most importantly, making sure the club succeeds as an organization. And as the year is coming to an end, we are excited to soon enough present our plan for 2017-2018 season. Registration packages and move ups will be released this month, and a year end B&G party will happen in June, along with registration date! Stay tuned for the final activities and calendars, because exciting things happen always at the finish line! Just keep swimming, we are almost there!

April 1: Welcome April!!.. wow time goes like super fast dont you think? It is so nice to report that our March training camp in Barcelona was a HIT! What a great time and solid work we got done. At the same time, our local skills camp was also FANTASTIC! Great coaching our swimmers had during that week, and we cant be more proud our staff for delivering such a quality job. Our first Long Course meet just happened last weekend, resulting on 4 NEW regional qualifiers (thumbs up to Eve, Mylana and Mattia from level 1 black, and Owen from level 1 Gold), 1 NEW festival qualifier (Congratulations to Bruno from level 2 black), and 1 NEW Eastern qualifier (way to go Carter from senior group). Now we focus on this months preparation period for future commitments. HAC is heading to Sherbrooke first weekend of May and right after that we have our second LC meet at McMaster, so is going to be a busy month and we for sure need to work and be prepared!. As usual, it has been a big pleasure to watch HAC program getting stronger and faster. March brought us many good experiences and we have started April the right way! Happy training everyone!

Carmen's Message Archive

2016 - 2017

March 1: And march is here! Our February competitions where fantastic! What a great way to finish short course season, with fantastic Regional swims, and equally strong Provincial Performances. Congratulations to Ben P and Jessica Craig for qualifying to Festivals, and also big shout out to our provincial champions and medalist Hanna Ellis, Brennan Alejado, Nolan hunt and Sarah Hodge! March break is coming up and we have two big projects for that week: Our local Camp that was FULL within 5 days of opening the spots, AND Barcelona Training Camp that will take 28 swimmers (combined with another local club) out there to work hard and learn more about being an athlete. It is very rewarding to see all this commitment  not just from our children, but from all families, always ready to give the extra step to get better. And last but not least, Swimathon/Black & Gold will be happening on Saturday March 25th. Coaches are preparing another epic battle between the two teams. Oh yes, get ready because it is going to be SUPER FUN!!!! To all our members: Lets enjoy the third month of the year!!!

Feb 2: So what a time trial!!.. our kids did amazing and we are very proud of Bridget B and Thea D for qualifying to Regionals for first time, as well proud of Amy T for achieving Festivals!It was a very successful morning with tons of personal best and nothing can be more gratifying than watching our young crews breaking more limits. Thank you very much to all parents, meet management and volunteers for making that happen. For now, we want to wish all the best to our Festival team facing their challenge this saturday and Sunday at Etobicoke, and to the team representing us at our very own Hammer this saturday at McMaster!Lets keep making NOISE!!!

Feb 1: And the busy month of February is underway... We will host our time trial on the 11th, looking to see more improvements across our program. As always, our parents volunteers are ready to be on deck helping out and making it happen. Thank you to all of you HAC members for being so supportive. Training has be going very smooth despite the difficulties we faced with pools shut downs So far, our staff is feeling confident this end of short course season will go very well for all and we cant wait to have our kids jumping in the pool and show what they are capable of. As a club, glad to say our Hammer meet is full and our March break camp is full. That speaks wonders about how well we are working as a team, and is truly a motivator to keep going and getting better! So Lets get February going and make sure we stay together as a team, supporting each other and encouraging each other. Make sure your teammate races well. Make sure your group is scoring points. Make sure every HAC member is fighting the good fight!

JAN 2: And with a so far nice to handle winter, we have faced our first Competition of 2017. Joanne Malar was a big success for our club. Loved seeing happy faces from swimmers and parents and of course solid performances in the pool. Congratulations to our newest additions to Regionals: Alan (Level 1 Black) and Craig (level 1 Gold); and Festivals: Kevin Wu (Level 2 black). Coaches (and the entire HAC family) are very proud!!. We want to focus this space right now to thank our members for being very supportive and understanding during the difficult period due to the sudden JT closure. Despite the hard times, HAC continues to overcome the challenges and growing strong, and is all thanks to the unity we are building day in-day out in the pool. With that being said, lets gear up and prepare to face February with a big smile, as it will be a busy month with a time trial, Hammer, Festivals and Regionals in line! HAC swimmers... Lets DO THIS!!!!!

JAN 1: And we are back TODAY!!! Thursday January 5th is the first day back for most of our competitive swimmers, joining the top groups who have been working hard during the holidays. Our Novice program and OWAY program is up and running as of this Saturday. We have been waiting for this day as we are excited to see you again. Please remember our Skill circuit this Saturday January 7th: McMaster from 715-9am and JT for Novice 10-12. Don't let this opportunity go as we will be reviewing important aspects for your races such as dives and turns, plus is a great opportunity to bring all groups together and do the same thing!Once again, WELCOME BACK! Will see you in the pool!