What should I eat to prepare for competition?

The nerves, the excitement, the anticipation: several emotions run through a swimmer's head before they eventually take off the block and race to the finish. But what are you using to fuel that body in motion? There are many important things to keep in mind when you're getting ready for a race that you have that morning or that afternoon.We'll go through what you should be eating and taking in to make sure that you're at your peak performance when it comes to race time.
Hours before, or that morning If you have a race in the afternoon, having a hearty breakfast is essential. This is the food that's going to be giving you your steady energy throughout the day as well as part of your swim meet preparation. Loading up on carbohydrates such as a plain bagel, English muffin or anything similar will be the key to keeping that steady energy going. Along with your carbs, adding in protein is just as important. Add a side of scrambled eggs for instant protein the morning of a meet--both delicious and easy to digest. Lastly, finish your meal off with a side of fruit and sugar-free orange juice. Both of these are a great way to give yourself extra nutrients like potassium and vitamin C. This will be the best fuel for you to last until the afternoon. Having an early morning meet? Make sure that you have a very light meal before you head off to the pool. Even if it's a slice of whole wheat toast and an orange, you're better off making sure that you have the fuel to compete.

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