Swim Caps



HAC swim caps are always available.
Cost:     $15.00



We will be ordering when demand requires it


Baseball caps:

Cost: $15.00

 Pic coming soon!

HAC towels

Cost: $20.00


These will be on special order in the future.


blackt Class Cotton t-shirt

Colour: Black

Standard Logo

Tshirt shark Dry fit t-shirt

Colour: Gold

Tiger Shark logo

Track Suit

TrackSuit Jacket TrackSuit Pant

Get in the spirit and be part of the team...with everything Black and Gold!

Equipment orders are on going.  To order please, completed the HAC 2018 Uniform Order Form. Please note that payment are completed through eTransfers.

Equipment Suppliers

Team Aquatic Supplies

Located in Burlington Team Aquatic Supplies is the only local supplier with competitive level equipment. They sponsor Team Canada and clubs get a 20% discount with their new discount card.

The Team Aquatic Supplies discount card is in!

If you would like 20% off your next purchase, please email Elsa at hac.elsa@gmail.com so that she can send you a PDF of the card. Printed and digital copies (saved to your phone) will be accepted.

Swim Outlet

Swim Outlet is a US based online store with a large selection and competitive prices of all equipment for competitive swimmers and beyond. Delivery is fast and reasonable.