Officials are the mainstay

canusa4Officials are the mainstay of a successful swim season as we cannot run sanctioned swim meets without a full staff of qualified, committed officials. Your time at the pool can be enhanced by the on deck experience, and real time excitement that is officiating. Why spend time in the stands waiting for a great swim when you can be part of it on deck?!! Volunteering may be what starts your journey of officiating, but enjoyment and comradery will inspire you to reach higher.

Registration - First time registrants and returning officials

Officials are registered annually with Swim Ontario, which requires an annual confirmation of your officials account and a PIPEDA request. At the start of every swim season you will get confirmations from SwimON for various things; be sure to take note as some will be for confirming registration info for you swimmers and some will be for confirming your officials registration.  See below for required officials registration paperwork; complete ad return to Lisa Hodge.

PIPEDA Consent Form - for returning (already registered) SwimON officials
Officials Registration Form - (for NEW, never been registered officials)

Please be sure to contact Lisa Hodge for any officials administration issues and Rob Blunsdon for any officials training queries.


With the success of their first webinar on Nov. 13, Swim Ontario will be hosting a series of Officials Clinics via webinar platform. (A computer or tablet and internet connection are required. NOTE: the tablet / iPad devices do not provide all features of the webinar platform).

  • Recorder Scorer - Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017 - 7:30 to 9:30 pm
  • Meet Manager - Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017 - 7:00 to 9:30 pm
  • Chief Finish Judge / Chief Judge Electronics - Tues. Dec. 5, 2017 - 7:30 to 9:30 pm

Instructor: Nicole Parent, Level V

All clinics are Level II clinic and some knowledge of the working deck at competitions is recommended as well as the Intro to Swim Officiating and Safety Marshal clinics (Level 1 clinics).
Registration closes when clinic is full - Limit 50 participants

To register click HERE

Officials Training


Our Meet Management Team is constantly training to maintain/upgrade skills to make our HAC swim meets enjoyable for all those participating.  Semi annual (Oct/Mar) full day trips are organized to get several officials clinics taken at once.  See schedules below for upcoming officials training sessions.

Also, at various times and locations throughout the year, HAC will hold officials training clinics (courses) to educate our swim families on the various roles related to swim officiating.  By officiating at swim meets families can fulfil their annual volunteer commitments and learn more about what shapes the nature of a swim meet and the various rules and regulations that affect swimmers and the running of a successful swim meet.

If you are new to officiating the "Introduction to Swimming" is the start to your career as an Official.

It is strongly recommended that every family has someone certified in "Introduction to Swimming" and "Stroke and Turns."

As your child moves up the levels of the club, you too should increase your officials proficiency and move "up the ladder."

Meet Officiating

Officiating Forms:

A link on a new "Meet details" page for signing up to volunteer at swim meets will be posted a month or more before the event.

Check regularly to see when the link is active and still "Open". Once we have sufficient submissions the link will be closed and the Assignment Grid posted.

Officials Clinics:

HAC will run a Chief Timer Officiating Clinic for anyone interested.
It will run from 9-10 am Sat Feb 11/17 at MAC (likely in the wetroom) and is for anyone interested but specifically anyone that has done this role before or is interested in having more deck experience at swim meet. It should NOT be taken if the person has not yet taken the Intro Timer course.
Scott Hunt will run the course but interested parties should contact Lisa Hodge to sign up.

Bi-annually Western Region will run officials "clinic days" within the region, usually at a local college.  

Download (PDF, 168KB)

Clinic Day!

This February 12, 2017 there will be a clinic day at Conestoga College - Cambridge location.

Enjoy a full day of officiating clinics, with a complimentary lunch and the opportunity to get 2-4 clinics done in one day.  See the Clinic Day Flyer  for more details on what clinics will be offered.

Please notify Western Region ROR, Carol McNiece, if you will be attending so that we have approximate numbers for lunch. Anyone who wishes to present a clinic for a sign-off en route to Level III, Level IV and Level V, please contact me with the clinic you would like to give. Everyone is welcome! E-mail Carol -