Expectations are threefold:

"be on time, work hard, and strive for excellence."

Goals are key; everyone CAN make them!


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Only in Level 1 Black!
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Level 1 Black Rocks!

We will train at the same pool in the same lanes and master the same skills – together.  There are no “fast lanes,” only fast swimmers!  Throughout the year coach Lisa will rearrange kids (in and out of their comfort zone) to maximize the ability to develop each swimmer to their fullest potential.  Being a bit uncomfortable while training is what hard work and progression is all about, so embrace being "uncomfortable" for at least a little bit each practice.


Parents are a big part of the swimmer support system and, at this stage, engagement/promotion in/of L1B social activities and swim meet related training/events is crucial to developing a strong group who will develop together. Commit to the process and the programming will pay out positively in a happy swimmer.  If you ever have any question(s), please email Coach Lisa anytime, or find me after any practice. Your Level 1 Black Group Rep is Mona Tiburcio.


Kids should come to practice each day with a "mesh bag" that includes the following: pull buoy and kick board (smaller is better), fins, 2 cap and 2 goggles (1 each in mesh bag with a spare of each in swim bag); a FINIS Jr snorkel will be utilized later in the year.  A water bottle is a must have at this level to stave off dehydration - 500 ml to 1L max.  Everything in the mesh bag should be labelled or identified in some way to help kids keep track of their own swim gear; a bit of coloured duct tape for snorkels is recommended. HAC gear can include track suits, T-shirts and personalised caps, as well as some "one-off" seasonal items.  All HAC gear should be labelled with kids names and worn at swim meets. HAC caps are available anytime (personalised caps are available by special order put in through the year). Check out the HAC Equipment page or contact Equipment Manager, Elsa to order your gear or equipment.


L1B swims 3 days a week for 90 min each day.  Generally, swimmers attend all 4-5 home meets for at least one session a meet, aiming to swim a maximum of 3 individual swim events on any given meet day.  Kids may attend other events where they qualify at the discretion of coach and parents. Check out the Level 1 Black May 2018 schedule here. Check the swim meet schedule here.