Adan free 6Aug16Level 1 is the first level of our competitive programming and is divided into Black and Gold streams.

The Black group is for children under 11, and the Gold group is for ages 11 and over. Generally, the Gold stream is for late starters (new to competitive swimming and over 11 years old in novice group) to catch up on fundamental skills in a group that is more peer appropriate.  Younger (under 11) swimmers that have come through OWAY and have some mastery of competitive strokes, generally start off in the Black stream.  Swimmers can transition across Black and Gold streams at various levels.

In Level 1 swimmers are taught more specific skills and introduced to a different type of training, as well as attending more swim competitions and events. Swimmers are expected to leave this level with Regional qualifications and an overall understanding of the pace clock, as well as a certain level of kicking.

Level 1 trains 3X a week for a total of 4.5 hours per week.

Check out the Level 1 Black page here.

Check out the Level 1 Gold page here.