Level 2 Black kicks it up a notch!

The second of the club's four developmental levels, Level 2 Black can be made up of graduating L1B or movers from either of the Black or Gold streams, and generally is made up of kids aged 10-12.  Depending on the club dynamic, groups can be combined in order to manage pool space/time.  This year we are back training together at JTP which affords fluidity across levels 1-3 and allows us to be responsive to swimmer advancements in real time.  Level 2 Black swimmers will practice on Saturday mornings at McMaster and will address higher level skills including pace work, extreme kicking and heart-rate monitoring.  So, learn to embrace the "red set" and be a little "uncomfortable" at each practice.


At this level, parents are still a large influence in helping kids to take control of their swim path.  Your continued support at social events and through officiating on deck sends a message to your swimmer that ownership of ALL aspects of swimming is what contributes to success at the pool.  Start to hand over the reins to your swimmer so they can learn to be responsible for themselves, their gear, their actions and their own success.  If you ever have any questions, please email anytime, or find him after practice. Your Level 2 Black Group Rep is Nancy Rowe.


By now we have an established "mesh" (equipment) bag that kids should get used to carrying themselves.  If they have someone carrying their gear, they WILL forget something at the pool!  The mesh equipment bag should have the following:

  • -pull bouy
  • -kick board*  can use a pool one if you prefer not to have your own
  • -hand paddles
  • -snorkel (such as this FINIS snorkel ) suggestion: use coloured duct tape to differentiate yours from other team mates
  • -fins (these short blade SPEEDO fins are great)

Also, a water bottle is very important and should be used at EVERY practice to stave off dehydration - 500 ml to 1L max. HACware can include track suits, T-shirts and personalised caps, as well as some "one-off" seasonal items.  All HAC gear should be labelled with kids names and worn at swim meets.  HAC (silicone) swim caps are available anytime (personalised caps are available by special order only - usually done twice a year - in Sep and later in the season). Check out the HAC Equipment page or contact Equipment Manager, Elsa to order your gear or equipment.


L2B swims 4 days a week for periods between 1.5 and 2 hours daily.  Generally, swimmers attend all 4-5 home meets for at least one session a meet, usually swimming 3 individual swim races on any given meet day.  Kids may attend other swim meets where they qualify and at the discretion of coach/parents. Check out the schedule here. Check the swim meet schedule here.



Commit to the process and you will see the rewards!

Qualify; everyone CAN do it!