"The two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude and your effort!"


Welcome to Jr. Masters!  

Junior Masters is HAC's only non-competitive group.  We are geared for swimmers 11+ and focus on fitness & fun while still fine-tuning technique in the pool. Our group trains 4.5 hours/week and can choose to compete at HAC home meets throughout the season.  The objectives of the Junior Masters is to have fun together while maintaining a level of fitness and building confidence, work ethics and sportsmanship.

Coaches and coaching correspondence

Coach Theresa Malar is very excited to be coaching the Jr Masters again this year.  Theresa is a former HAC swimmer and a Healthy Child Development Trainer of trainers.  A more detailed bio of your coaches’ can be found here.

Please email Theresa if your email address changes or you want an additional address added to the Jr Master's email group.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Practices Schedules & Expectations

2018/2019 Practice Schedule

Tuesday   7:30-9pm
Thursday  7-8:30pm
Saturday  7-8:30am

Practices are 3 times per week; all at the YWCA.   

The better one's attendance, the more one will gain from the program.  Please let the coach know if something comes up that is affecting attendance.  It is helpful for the coach to know what else is going on in the swimmer's life.

Please try to get your swimmers to the pool with enough time for them to be on deck ready for the start of practice. Everyone benefits when the swimmers are on time: you and your child get the most out of the program and the coaches can run the practice more effectively.


Generally, Junior Masters swimmers do not attend meets although the Swim Ontario registration type can be altered to suit those who wish to complete in any or all HAC home meets (and/or qualifying meets they might want to attend).  The tentative meet schedule along with entries and results are posted on the Swim Meets webpage in the Meet Details webpage.  Please take note of the scratch deadline dates as scratches from meets must be reported to Theresa by the scratch deadline to avoid swim meet fees being charged to the swimmer account.

We encourage families to get involved in meets and other events to enhance their experience with the club!  You can look forward to our Black & Gold team events, our annual banquet, parties and more!


Please remember to bring your equipment bag and have two pair of goggles and caps for each practice to reduce the need for borrowing equipment from your team mates.  A spare bathing suit is also a good idea.  A competitive style swim suit is strongly recommended.

Your mesh equipment bag should have the following:

  • -pull bouy
  • -kick board*  can use a pool one if you prefer not to have your own
  • -snorkel (such as this FINIS snorkel ) suggestion: use coloured duct tape to differentiate yours from other team mates
  • -fins (these short blade SPEEDO fins are great)

Also please check the HAC Equipment page for Team Gear to wear at swim meets and out and about in our community and  be proud of being a member of HAC!


Swim parents are an important part of the team who, along with the coach and the swimmer, can help the swimmer meet their potential and support the swimmer in achieving their goals in and out of the pool.  Parents are strongly encouraged to praise their swimmer's EFFORTS over their results.  Be there for your child, win or lose.  Unconditional love goes a long way in aiding longevity in the sport.  Let the coach do the coaching.  If there is something you question about the coaching please ask the coach.  As your children are in or approaching their teen years, if they have a question about the coaching, encourage them to make the enquiry, this can help them take ownership of their sport.