Black & Gold Event: Wild Waterworks!!!!

Date: Saturday June 17, 2017
Time: 11am
Where: Wildwater Works

We know everyone is ready to enjoy a nice Saturday celebrating how much we grew this year as a program, AND keep developing the bond that brings families together. See you all at Wild Water Works!   

Because of the huge response to this event, organizers have decided that it would be very difficult to develop games with 193 members! HOWEVER, there will be 1 game that MUST happen: EATING CONTEST!   This game was a huge success last year and we can't avoid it this year, it must happen!   

So each team will have 18 members selected (volunteers) and we will have big muffins with whip cream on top ready to be eaten as fast as possible and without hands!     

We do ask everybody to bring BLACK and GOLD clothing and anything that embraces who we are! Saturday June 17th should be a day for ALL. We worked HARD to get to this point and it is time to have FUN!

Please Note:

EVERYONE's wristbands and meal/ice cream vouchers at the park for pick up on Saturday morning between 10:30 - 11:30 am

HAC has a designated area just for our group at Pavilion III (3).  The Pavilion is located in behind the water slides.  You are more than welcome to sit anywhere, but if you want to be together as a group, we do have it booked.

This event is not only for your swimmer, but also their families and siblings. As such, please note:  PARENTAL supervision is required at all times. This is an event for everyone to enjoy and will not have chaperones to look after our swimmers. So please make sure parents are present at all times. For those of you who have older children that you normally would drop your teen off at the wave pool and pick up later, please note that HAC will not be responsible to monitor your child's whereabouts, or whether they have taken the time to eat or keep hydrated.

Download (PDF, 1.65MB)

Long Course Season

Long Course Regional Meet in Windsor!  WOW!!!!!!

HAC placed 5th overall, out of 27 clubs from across our Central West Region. That is a great accomplishment, of which we all can be proud. So many personal bests were swam, they are too numerous to mention. We had a large number of swimmers be in the top 10 to make finals. In addition a good amount of hardware was won by our swimmers with numerous Gold, Silver or Bronze in their events.

Results are posted on Meet Details  page, with placings and differentiation of FINALS and Prelims for older kids so you can tell who made finals and what their actual (FINAL) placing was. Also be sure to check out the results formatted on the Swim Rankings site. 

Results from the Long Course Competitions mean we have a good sized team going the Festivals (provincials 14 and under)

Let's give a cheer for:  Adan Lindfield, Patrick Wu, Kevin Wu, Bruno Garb, Halayna Montrichard, Sophia Calcagni, Amy Tian, Michael Forrester and Ben Pietrantonio.

For provincials and AA HAC swimmers who qualified are from our High Performance group: Nolan Hunt, Brenan Alejado, Carter Olson, Ben Pietrantonio, Hanna Ellis and Sydney Harrison.

Coach Carmen states:  "Provincials happen the last week of june, and we are hoping for new junior nationals cuts. Will keep everyone posted about that!"

Of course anyone wishing to cheer our team on an Festivals or Provincials, get the details on or Meet Details page.

Go HAC Go!! 

Competitive levels started the long course season with our home meets of the HAC Invitational and  Jack MacCormick Annual Meet:

Late March through April was a jam packed time of swimming excitement!

April Novice Meet in Oakville

Training Camp Barcelona, Spain  March Break 2017

High Performance, Levels 3 and 4 swimmers had the amazing opportunity to train in Barcelona, Spain

more to come and check out Facebook.

Team Trip: Sherbrooke Quebec

Team Pic in the stands. Bridget and Drew missing because of getting ready to swim finals:

The 11 and older in advance of finals at night

Short Course Season 2016-17

Outstanding! Congratulations to all swimmers, for training hard and winning hard!

The number of Personal Bests (PBs); Regional Times, Festival times, Top 8's and Medallists is, as Coach Carmen says "overwhelming":

"The amount of personal bests achieved during the past February meets is overwhelming!! - Almost impossible to publish!! Coaches delivered truly amazing results!"

It started with the PB's at all the meets, which as Coach Priscy says  "is what is most important, seeing kids beating their times".

The social aspect is also important part of the experience. Coach Lisa wrote:
"The standout for me was the "team" feel that our group got to experience, even though I only had 5 little guys there--we went out together with L2/3B families and had a great team dinner - that is what keeps everyone excited and happy about swimming; especially those times when it is a long day at the pool and travel is involved".

The many PBs and the 10&U girls relays (with Halayna M and Amy T joining them) were fantastic for building excitement: 

Priscy's L 2/3 Black group took away a lot of hardware at Regionals and Halayna M was outstanding at Festivals, placing 2nd 50free & 200free, she placed 3rd  in the 100free. 10& under girls. Patrick Wu did also an outstanding 200 fly, taking 14 sec off. Halayna M, Lucas B, Adan L, Bruno G, Amy T, Patrick Wu, all medaled at Regionals.

Other outstanding accomplishments include the number of Top 8 who completed in finals at Regionals. They included: Sophia P, Michael F, Daniel K, Aneshka F, Stephanie M and the 13-14 female free relay team. Jessica C and Ben P became New Festival Qualifiers at Regionals!

It takes a team to make champions. Go HAC Go!!

Spring Provincials and AA Meet

Congratulations to all of our High Performance swimmers who also have had outstanding results.

 At the Provincial Meet, Hanna Ellis joined the ranks of a New Eastern qualifier and HAC swimmers Brenan Alejado, Nolan Hunt, Hanna Ellis and Sarah Hodge all medaled.  Jennifer M qualified for the AA division which is part of Provincial meets. This division is a time standard that between a Regional time and a provincial time.

Novice Meet: March 4 Oak at HAC, 2017

HAC novice swimmers really swam their hearts out! So many best times and really good swims! It was awesome! Way to go!
I would also like to say a big thank you to Doris Ragonetti Forrester and Elsa Lindfield - holding a meet at a new location was challenging but you still made it a success. Thanks also to all the other volunteers who helped make that possible!
Big thank you (from our tummies) to Laura Clark-Garrick for organizing pizza to the pool for everyone!

HAC families are incredible!!

Hammer Feb 18, 2017