Main Meets and Events for the Year

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HAC meet calendar and Events
Oct 14-15 “hall of fame” Level 1 and up, Etobicoke
October 29th: Banquet, ALL
November 3-4, “Burlington Invitational”, Level 1 and up, Burlington
November 9-12 “Age Group International”, qualifiers, Etobicoke
November 10-12, “Swim International”, qualifiers, Brantford
November 25th: B&G relays/pool events, ALL,  McMaster
DEC 8-10 “steeltown”, N3s and up, McMaster
January 6th, skills Circuit, Novice and up, 3-5pm, Laurier pool
January 11-14, “AB Meet”, Level 4 and up, Qualifiers, Etobicoke,
Jan 20-21 “Joanne malar”, N3s and up, McMaster
February 2-4, “Regionals”, qualifiers, London
Feb 17 “hammer”, N3s and up, McMaster
Feb 17-18 “festivals”, qualifiers, Ottawa
March 1-4 “provincials”, Qualifiers, Etobicoke.
March 12 San Diego, training camp,  Level 3 and up
March 24th: Swimathon, ALL, McMaster
April 6-8 “hac meet”, N3 and up, McMaster
April 5-8, “Canadian Trials”, qualifiers, Montreal
April 12-15, “Easterns Nationals”, qualifiers, Windsor
April 21st, skills Circuit, Novice and up, 3-5pm, Laurier pool
May 11-13 “jack mac”, N3 and up, McMaster
May ? Pending date for away meet
June 1-3 “Age Group International”, Qualifiers, Etobicoke 
JUNE 8-10 “regionals”, qualifiers, Brantford.
June 15-17 “festivals”, qualifiers, Markham
June 28-July 1st, “Provincials”, qualifiers, Etobicoke.
July 4th, 5KM “provincial Open water”, Level 2 and up, Brampton
July 7-8, “Burlington LC outdoor Invitational”, Level 1 and up, Burlington.
July 25-29, “Canadian Junior Championships”, qualifiers, Winnipeg