International Children’s Games

Nolan Hunt (Junior/Senior) represented Canada at the International Children Games in Thailand this past summer 2016.

He made finals in almost all his events and had a terrific opportunity to race against really fast kids around the world!. He didn’t medal, but I will attribute that to his lack of international experience as he is still learning many things.

Open Water Races

open-waterLauren Diehl (now at Simon Fraser University) won the 5km overall and was even the fastest swimmer (male and females) completing in the Welland Open water race in August 2016. She was also in the top 4 finishers at the Provincial open water championship at Professors Lake.

Nolan Hunt placed 3rd at the Welland Open water race on the 3km race and was also top five at the Provincial Open Water Championship meet at Professors Lake.

Carter Olson was 4th at Welland Open Water race and top 8 finisher at the Ontario Open Water Championship last July!!!