Dryland Training Starts at Pauline Johnson Sept. 18

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Our dryland facilities at Pauline Johnson are now available for us, therefore we will start using it as of September 18th as part of our program for all competitive levels.  Pauline Johnson is located at 25 Hummingbird Lane, Hamilton, Ontario.  Enter from the gym door from the parking lot.  Parking is available on the corner of Hummingbird and Bobolink.


Please pay attention to the following schedules for all the groups:

530-630: L4, L3G, SR, JR
630-730: OPEN **
4:40-5:20 L2B, L3B (If there are swimmers who CAN’T make it this early, please attend the Monday OPEN dryland time. Pauline Johnson will close at 730, therefore we couldn’t get the desirable dryland after swimming on this day) L2G* Optional.
6:10-7:10 L3G, L4, JR, SR
530-630: L1G, L2G/  L1B* (Optional)