February 2  So what a time trial!!.. our kids did amazing and we are very proud of Bridget B and Thea D for qualifying to Regionals for first time, as well proud of Amy T for achieving Festivals!

It was a very successful morning with tons of personal best and nothing can be more gratifying than watching our young crews breaking more limits. Thank you very much to all parents, meet management and volunteers for making that happen. For now, we want to wish all the best to our Festival team facing their challenge this saturday and Sunday at Etobicoke, and to the team representing us at our very own Hammer this saturday at McMaster!  Lets keep making NOISE!!!

February  1  And the busy month of February is underway... We will host our time trial on the 11th, looking to see more improvements across our program. As always, our parents volunteers are ready to be on deck helping out and making it happen. Thank you to all of you HAC members for being so supportive. Training has be going very smooth despite the difficulties we faced with pools shut downs So far, our staff is feeling confident this end of short course season will go very well for all and we cant wait to have our kids jumping in the pool and show what they are capable of. As a club, glad to say our Hammer meet is full and our March break camp is full. That speaks wonders about how well we are working as a team, and is truly a motivator to keep going and getting better! So Lets get February going and make sure we stay together as a team, supporting each other and encouraging each other. Make sure your teammate races well. Make sure your group is scoring points. Make sure every HAC member is fighting the good fight!

January - 2 And with a so far nice to handle winter, we have faced our first Competition of 2017. Joanne Malar was a big success for our club. Loved seeing happy faces from swimmers and parents and of course solid performances in the pool. Congratulations to our newest additions to Regionals: Alan (Level 1 Black) and Craig (level 1 Gold); and Festivals: Kevin Wu (Level 2 black). Coaches (and the entire HAC family) are very proud!!

We want to focus this space right now to thank our members for being very supportive and understanding during the difficult period due to the sudden JT closure. Despite the hard times, HAC continues to overcome the challenges and growing strong, and is all thanks to the unity we are building day in-day out in the pool.

With that being said, lets gear up and prepare to face February with a big smile, as it will be a busy month with a time trial, Hammer, Festivals and Regionals in line! HAC swimmers... Lets DO THIS!!!!!

January - 1 And we are back TODAY!!! Thursday January 5th is the first day back for most of our competitive swimmers, joining the top groups who have been working hard during the holidays. Our Novice program and OWAY program is up and running as of this Saturday.

We have been waiting for this day as we are excited to see you again. Please remember our Skill circuit this Saturday January 7th: McMaster from 715-9am and JT for Novice 10-12. Don't let this opportunity go as we will be reviewing important aspects for your races such as dives and turns, plus is a great opportunity to bring all groups together and do the same thing!

Once again, WELCOME BACK! Will see you in the pool!

Weeks 11-12: ALL HAC coaches want to first thank our awesome families for the fantastic first 4 months of work. Nothing gets accomplished on this program without parents support and trust. We are very thankful and touched for the way you keep supporting us and thats the reason why the club is progressing and coming this far.WE also want to wish everyone lots of love, health, and best wishes for each of you not just during this holiday season, but year round. May we never forget that every day is family day, and family is each person you love and love you back! From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Weeks 9-10: We are finishing 2016 very strong. Our steeltown meet last weekend was a complete success with tons of good performances and personal best across all our groups. Special congratulations to Allie SH and Aneshka F from Level 1 black for qualifying to Regionals for very first time!

We only have one more week of work before our first break and dedicate time to our families. We will make this last week COUNT!!

More to come next week: GO HAC GO!!!

Week 8: went by with very impressive meet results. HAC swimmers were consistent and up for challenge. Of course there is lots of things to continue to work and improve, which is the beauty and secret of competitive sport: there are no limits!

December is coming up soon. Time definitely goes by really fast. First break from training is approaching,reason that has our coaches doing more fine tuning and getting more details worked before our next commitment during the second weekend of December: our very OWN steeltown meet! while waiting for that next compeittion, we cant avoid the FUN! and now the very well known Mannequin challenge has all our groups doing a face off! This week each group must perform the challenge and post the video on our Facebook Page.. So far performances are very good and I am looking forward to see more of these videos to see how funny and creative we could be!.. Individual goals have no purpose without TEAM EFFORT and UNITY. So anything we do is thinking about HAC as a WHOLE!.. Have said it before and will say it now: very PROUD of this group of swimmers, coaches and parents!


Week 6:

Black and Gold was beyond a successful event. Once again, i dont get tired of thanking all the families for making this event very FUN and one that you want to be part of. There is a say: 'commitment means that time of the day and day of the week doesn't matter' and yes, on Sunday October 30th at 630am our families were at the pool getting things ready to make sure our swimmers have the perfect scenario to compete and enjoy the morning. Am very proud and thankful with our black and gold community. Growing a program with all of you has been a magnificent experience! Week 7th saw some action at the Burlington Invitational with some of our younger swimmers. Congratulations to Anna Hurnanen for qualifying to regionals for the first time, and to Luke Genovese and Bruno Garb for re-qualifiying to Regionals in their new age group. Also a big shout out to all the swimmers for the great amount of best times and to coaches for the collective effort to make this happen. Week 8 will see action for another section of our club, during Age Group International at Etobicoke, and swim International in Brantford. Good luck to all our families this weekend and bring in the good spirit of great fair competition. We are looking forward to another busy weekend, gaining experience and getting better each day. As always, thank you very much and will see you around!

Week 5

What a banquet we had!!.. Wasn't it fun? Great moments, good dancing, and excellent first competition between our black and gold teams. Thank you so much to all our members for making this celebration a very memorable one!!.. Biggest banquet yet for a great team!

Week 6 is ending and our B&G face off in the pool is coming up this Sunday. Facebook War is so much FUN! I cant believe the level of creativity and how competitive we can become working together. Great exercise for us to put it together and show off what we are capable for!!

Coaches, Swimmers, Parents, Volunteers: ARE YOU READY??? See you SUNDAY!!!!

Week 4

Here we go finalizing week 4 and heading to our first meet of the season. Hall of Fame will begin this Saturday October 15th, where over 70 HAC swimmers will dive into the pool and show what they have been learning over the last month. We are looking forward to see what they are capable of!

Stay tuned to hear about updates, news and results from this meet. Please visit our Facebook page and follow us on twitter to learn more about what we do and how we do it!

Would like to thank all our families for their big support. We are having a fantastic start of the year. GO HAC GO!!!!

Week 3

And Week 3 is done. We continue to grow as a team and consolidating what we learned during the past week. The excitement for first competition is starting to show. Everyone is working hard in the pool and we can feel the environment is more tight, more close, more competitive. Week 4 will begin with some of the first move ups candidates of the year. YES, that soon. Kids are showing capacity and ambition to get to the next level. Coaches are very motivated to continue to build momentum, and because this weekend is thanksgiving, lets make sure we give everything on every practice, with no room for doubts. All good things come for those who try hard and are resilient.

Week 2

Dear HAC families:

Week TWO was fantastic!!!.. we had great training going on, lots of excitement, AND we got the opportunity to meet Olympic medalist and Canadian record holder RYAN COCHRANE! how cool was that??? We learned lost of things from him and best of all, it was such a pleasure to see all the smiling faces from our swimmers and parents.

Lets start week 3 with enthusiasm. Nothing beats an enthusiastic heart. October is coming up and our first meet comes with it. We also have our BANQUET and towards the end of the month, we will have our first BLACK and GOLD competition!. You will soon hear more news regarding all these events!

Week 1 September 18th - 25, 2016

Week one went by really fast and it was such a pleasure to see all our returning AND new families with big excitement and smiling faces. Coaches couldn't ask for more.

Our first meet is the Hall of Fame meet. Please refer to the Meet List posted on website to find out Dates and Location. Coaches will send preliminary entries early next week so you know what your swimmer is racing. Our HAC Banquet will be the following weekend (Sun October 23) and we are looking forward to have the first celebration of the year with all of you. It is going to be a big night and will come with a little surprise that will help create team BLACK and team GOLD, so please make sure to get tickets because you don't want to miss it!!!

Coach's Quotes to Remember

Febuary  Success isn't PERMANENT and failure isn't FATAL"    Mike Ditka



Week 9-10: "No one's every gotten better by practicing less" Ron Jaworski.

Week 8: "Sometimes we are limited more by Attitude than by opportunities" W.J.

week 7: "A race or practice is only worth it if you expose yourself to more pain than you think you can handle"

Week 6: " I Think that perhaps its harder to learn from Victory than it is from defeat"

Week 5: "Always do what you are afraid to do"


Week 3 "An Olympic medal is a great thing, BUT, if you are not enough without it, you will NEVER be enough with it"

Week 2  "Always give 100% effort, event when the odds are against you"

Week 1 "No one fails or succeeds alone. Being part of a team is all about pushing yourself and pushing others to be better each day. If we fail, we do it together, if we reach the top, we do it together."