2018-2019 Practice Schedules

2018-2019 schedules will be posted as soon as we have set pool times from The City. You will be able to View or print your group practice schedule from a list below.

Novice 2 (N2) - Oct/2018
Novice 3 (N3) - Oct/2018
November 2018 Competitive schedules (REV - as at Oct 29)

Schedule Notices

Many of the pools we use are undergoing renovations/updates/repairs over the next 3 months.  Our HAC schedules will change to accommodate these (unexpected in some cases) enhancements.
Below is what we know about each pool:
Jimmy Thompson - Closing on March 19th, 2018 until Winter 2018.  This closure is for scheduled renovations.  They are attaching Jimmy Thompson Pool to the new seniors centre.
Pinky Lewis - Shutting May 7th, 2018 for HVAC and family change room upgrade.  Closed until Spring 2019.
We know that switching swimmers schedules is frustrating for everyone involved.  The coaches and The Board appreciate your patience while we navigate this situation.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss these developments please contact Carmen or Rob.

Dryland Training

Message from Oct 6/2018:

Hello all

We are pleased to inform you that Pauline Johnson school has become available for us to use.

Dryland will remain same time (senior and hybrid groups dryland will change slightly once pool schedule changes next month) as follows:

Tuesday 6-7 pm (recommended for 12 and up = level 2 and 3 gold, level 4, juniors, hybrid and seniors)

Wednesday 6-7 pm (recommended for 12 and under level 1 black, level 1 gold, levels 2 and 3 black)

Address is 25 Hummingbird Ln.

If you have any questions, please reply to:



For your reference: Pauline Johnson School North, 25 Hummingbird Lane, Hamilton ON L9A 4B1. Enter from the gym door from the parking lot. Parking is available on the corner of Hummingbird and Bobolink.