HAC Qualifiers 2017-18

Each year many of our HAC swimmers qualify for a variety of Time Standards. There are progressively harder standards to reach beginning with Regional, Festival (swimmers under 14), AA, Provincial and finally National Time Standards.

As the season progresses we celebrate by posting swimmer's who reach or have maintained their National, Provincial, AA, Festival or Regional time standard in the 2017-18 season!
Swimmers who have qualified for the first time are shown with a NEW beside their name.

Congratulations to all swimmers!


Eastern and Junior National Qualifiers

Hanna Ellis

Ava Coyler

Brenan Alejado

Carter Olson

Nolan Hunt

Provincial Qualifiers

Ben Pietrantonio NEW

Sydney Harrison

Emma O'Grady

AA Qualifiers

Daniel Kim

Festival Qualifiers

Allie Shakeshaft NEW

Mylana Campanaro 

Aneshka Frickleton  

Amy Tian  

Adan Lindfield

Halayna Montrichard

Liam Connolly

Sophia Calcagni

Bruno Garb

NEW and "age-up" Regional Qualifiers

Aleksej Rajsic NEW

Owen Beresh NEW

Paulina Szczepanski NEW

Ryan Panteleit NEW

Thea Dodon

Aislin McWilliam-Roht

Will Anderson

Wesley Plater

Kingsley Wainwright

Janielle Tiburcio

Mattia Finocchi

Lucas Blunsdon

Stephanie Morrison

Allie Shakeshaft

Matthew Buesink

Hailey Rowe

Regional Qualifiers

Zoe Griffin NEW

Ethan Hesler NEW

Rachel Reid NEW

Kate Panteleit NEW

Ariah Hontiveros NEW

Claira Versteeg 

Rita Shweihat 

Eden Hooper 

Domenic Gazzola 

Dahlia Price-Johnson

Darius Dodon

Alan Tian

Alex Urbanovic

Drake Kotecki

Brigid McPhee

Helena Simic

Craig Woolridge

Bridget Beardwood

Anna Hurnanen

Abby Knapp

Jenna Petkovich

Michael Forrester

Some great past Achievements

2016-17 season

Carter Olson: Open Water Provincial Standard, AND Junior National Qualifier

Remember when Sarah Hodge was going for the record... 50m freestyle

HAC Short Course Records

Short Course Records

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HAC Records Long Course

Long Course Records

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